The Pioneers of Change Summit will occur online 16-20 November.

It will bring together more than 2000 leaders from governments, business and civil society from more than 90 countries.
The key thematic areas include sustainable production, digital business models, urban innovation, health systems, new financial technologies and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
2020 has confronted us with so many changes in such fundamental ways that all we aspire to return to some form of normality.

But the COVID-19 crisis has also illustrated that there are real alternatives to our established ways of doing things, and it has accelerated the spread of many innovations, driven by people and companies that have seen an opportunity to do things differently.

We need the power, the inspiration and the creativity that comes from those innovators to make this moment a real reset for the better.

The World Economic Forum’s Pioneers of Change Summit will showcase and connect innovators who are leading transformative change across a range of different sectors.

What’s on the agenda?
The summit will focus on several key thematic areas:

Sustainable production: Almost 50% of the world’s energy consumption and 20% of greenhouse gas emissions are attributed to the manufacturing sector. How can we accelerate sustainable production and make it a competitive advantage?

New digital business models: While much of the physical world came to a standstill during the global pandemic, digital connectivity soared. How can new digital business models help companies provide value and build resilience?

Urban infrastructure and services: Many cities face serious obstacles to providing basic services, and COVID-19 has made it even more difficult. How can urban innovations help cities improve quality of life, resilience and sustainability?

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