PHARR, Texas (KVEO) — Officers are out at the Pharr Sports Complex completing their certification in a more community oriented style of policing.

“It’s important to have officer presence in areas where people think that there is none, such as our biking trails, that’s one of our main highlight points for bike patrol,” said Irving Segura, an Investigator with the Pharr Police Department.

Bicycle patrol instructors say that interest inn the training has been high.

“Numerous agencies have already asked for it, and even at this point are asking for future classes,” said William Edmundson, a Lieutenant with the Pharr Police Department.

Officers from Pharr Police Department, Hidalgo County Precinct 2, and PSJA ISD took part in the certification course. A good start according to Segura.

“Hopefully that will be expanding within the near future within other agencies,” said Segura.

In a time of increased tension across the nation between police departments and the communities they serve, Segura hopes that these officers getting out and about in such a visible and accessible manor puts the community at ease.

“This is another aspect and another tool being utilized to ensure that the public that the Pharr Police Department is here to serve them, not only them, but our visitors as well,” said Segura.