Harlingen, Texas (KVEO)—Nexstar Broadcasting Group KVEO-TV, a now CBS and NBC affiliate, was denied entry to an event held by the Texas Democratic Party where Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris was scheduled to make an appearance.

KVEO received confirmation of Harris’ visit to McAllen on Wednesday Oct 29. Harris’ trip to Texas on Friday would include three stops across the state, including Fort Worth and Houston.

On Thursday, KVEO received an email that was sent to staff and students from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, confirming the campus would be used for a “private event” hosted by the Texas Democratic Party.

Kamala Harris to host private event at UTRGV on Friday
KVEO was told by the Texas Democratic Party that local media could reserve spots for their reporters and photographers to attend the UTRGV event.

On Thursday at 1:22 p.m., KVEO News Director Amy Sullivan sent an email to an official with the Texas Democrat Party with the names of two main anchors and two photographers.

At 4:36 p.m. Thursday KVEO was told the event would have a pool camera, and no local cameras would be allowed in.

However, KVEO was not told reporters could not attend.

On Friday morning, a member of the KVEO staff was told by the Texas Democratic Party the event was already “at capacity.”

KVEO staff attended the event in hopes that the seats reserved on Thursday were still set aside for the station.

Upon arrival, KVEO was told it was not on the list.

“I understand the need to have a pool camera, but during a time when the party says they’re wanting to talk to as many voters as possible, they’re not communicating with everyone by shutting people out.” said KVEO News Director Amy Sullivan.