Millions remain in the dark for another night in Texas as a new winter storm hits the southern Plains. Plus, one city experienced its coldest weather since 1899.

Officials tell Houston area residents to stop dripping their faucets, continue boiling water

Kevin Byrne, AccuWeather staff writer

Temperatures have risen above freezing in the Houston area, leading officials to urge residents to avoid dripping water from their faucets. Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo said Wednesday that residents should stop dripping water and also assume “you’re under a boil water notice.” This includes the entire city of Houston. Officials recommend bringing the water to a boil for at least two minutes before letting it cool and using it. Temperatures in Houston are expected to reach a high of 36 later this afternoon.

Jeff Lindner a meteorologist with the Harris County Flood Control District, said on Twitter that temperatures were no longer at levels the will result in pipes freezing. ” Pressure on several water systems is dangerously low due to broken pipes and power outages. Conserve as much water as possible,” he wrote. The city of Rosenburg, Texas, said it was experiencing low water pressure earlier Wednesday and asked residents to shut off their water so that pressure and water supply could be restored.